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 Announcing Merlin AI Suite

The Merlin AI Suite gives users useful accelerated intelligence never before possible. It's like having a research staff at your fingertips, with a perfect photographic memory for every one of your pictures, the ability to ID almost anyone, the willingness to do the thankless name identification metadata entry chores, and even look over your shoulder to make helpful suggestions as you edit images.

  • Instant image retrieval- Save countless hours by limiting manual tasks and cutting out the drudgery of your day.
  • Incredibly accurate- Whether you're using the MerlinAI Facial Recognition or MerlinAI Image Similarity your results will identify matches within milliseconds.
  • Super instinctive- Merlin Accelerated Intelligence is a perfectly seamless and effortless experience. The unprecedented, self-learning feature will massively improve your performance and enhance the quality of your content immediately.

Merlin AI is like having a total recall librarian, plus someone who knows everyone worth knowing, and a team of expert photo editors, all rolled into one mouse click. 

Facial Recognition Testimonia from Bart Vleugels of Oklahoma Department of Transportation

See the Merlin AI Suite in action. Schedule a demo today!

  Download AI Guide Get a Demo